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Conservatives Apoplectic Because Obama Is Doing Something Bush 41 Did Twenty Years Ago

by @ 5:48 pm on September 2, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Dumbasses, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

There’s been a lot of chatter from conservatives about President Obama’s plan to speak to schoolchildren in a special televised address on September 8th:

President Obama will deliver a nationally-televised address to students next Tuesday on the importance of taking responsibility for their success in school, which the White House calls a continuation of his efforts to use the bully pulpit to promote the value of education.

Obama will make the speech at Arlington’s Wakefield High School, and it will be shown on C-SPAN, on the educational station Channel One and on the White House website.

“The hope is that schools across the country will gather special assemblies to show it to students,” said White House spokesman Tommy Vietor.

The Obama administration is also mounting a huge public awareness campaign to bolster the president’s message. The Department of Education has sent classroom materials to the nation’s schools to facilitate discussion of the president’s message. Also, top officials in the administration will visit nearly 20 schools from Tennessee to New York to amplify the president’s ideas.

On his radio program today, Glenn Beck called it “indoctrination”:

And Michelle Malkin accused the White House of using children to advance their agenda:

“ABC” stands for All Barack’s Children. On September 8, young students across the country will be watching television. Yes, they’ll be parked in front of the boob tube and computer screens watching President Obama’s address on education.

Instead of practicing cursive, reviewing multiplication tables, diagramming sentences, or learning something concrete, America’s kids will be lectured about the importance of learning. And then the schoolchildren, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, will be exhorted to Do Something — other than sit in their seats and receive academic instruction, that is.

All this over a video address to kids telling them to stay in school.

I’ve got to wonder how these people felt twenty years ago when a Republican did it:

President Bush pleaded with young people around the nation today to stop using drugs and ”not to look the other way” when others do.

In a 15-minute nationally televised plea from the White House library, the President presented the latest round of an anti-drug campaign that began a week ago with another nationally broadcast message announcing a $7.9 billion package.


In the speech, Mr. Bush said that saying no to drugs ”won’t make you a nerd.”

”Presidents don’t often get the chance to talk directly to students,” Mr. Bush said. ”So today, for each of you sitting in a classroom or assembly hall, this message goes straight to you.

”Most of you are doing the right thing. But for those of you who let drugs make their decisions for them, you can almost hear the doors slamming shut.”

Equating drugs with death and displaying the badge of a slain 22-year-old rookie policeman, Mr. Bush said, ”I keep this badge in a drawer in my desk to remind me of that.”

Yea, I’m guessing they were pretty quiet back then when Bush 41 was advancing his ideological agenda and fighting the War On (Some) Drugs.

9 Responses to “Conservatives Apoplectic Because Obama Is Doing Something Bush 41 Did Twenty Years Ago”

  1. Mike says:

    I didn’t have a kid in school 20 years ago. I don’t remember this but remember his prime time address on drugs. I don’t think though that his speech to the schools was as widely published or pushed through the Dept. of Education.

    You have a point though. To an extent.

    But times have changed and Barack Obama is a propaganda machine. I wouldn’t, I don’t think, have objected to Bill Clinton doing this (pre-Monica at least).

  2. James Young says:

    And let’s remember, too, that the “War on Drugs” is national policy, endorsed by Congress. Just because it is a policy of which you and a small-to-vanishing minority disapprove does not make this a similar situation. Or do you ENDORSE kids using drugs?

    To the extent that Obama pushes an agenda which is not national policy, he will have crossed a line.

  3. James,

    Since you don’t know what Obama is even going to say, then isn’t all this apoplexy premature ?

  4. We could count on Bush to stick to his message. With Obama, I believe he is going to use this opportunity to preach to the treachers and administrators watching on healthcare and any other topic he wants to talk about.

    It is all about TRUST!

    They already had to redefine the description of the agenda.

  5. Michael,

    So this is more about party than whether a President even belongs addressing kids in this manner.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  6. Mickey says:

    Since the White House itself is billing this as “historic” — they themselves are to blame for presenting it as out of the ordinary. Moreover the fact that this seems to be the only time its happened — one event, twenty years ago, about a specific policy — shows that past presidents have shied away from this sort of ‘cult of personality’ behavior. Frankly it is far more suited to a third world country — which is perhaps why BHO is doing it.

  7. C Howland says:

    I think that if former President G.W. Bush had done the same thing, and parents had objected to it, they would have been labeled unAmercian. In fact, it happened when he visited schools, which he frequently did. I remember former President G.H.W. Bush’s address and though I wasn’t overly excited about it, he was our President and he was our kids’ President… just as President B. Obama is our President. What happened to respect for the office? Just because you might not agree, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to what he has to say. That’s what makes our democracy strong… Not listening to him because he MIGHT say something you don’t agree with, or Not listening to him because he is NOT of your political party only shows fear, and weakens the democracy our fathers fought so hard to establish.

  8. Amagi says:

    How can you make the claim that the people who disapprove of the War on Some Drugs is a vanishing minority? We have states decriminalizing and cities reducing penalties. Internationally this failed war is becoming obvious and policy is changing to reflect this.

    Howland – Regardless, these are government schools and the government will probably do whatever they want. He is not my president and if I ever reproduce my children will be raised to respect a person, not an office. It is that kind of blind allegiance to an office or a badge or a title that allows dictators to rise.

    It is definitely hypocritical of the right to bitch about this, they would (and have) do the same thing. All politicians are the same, regardless of party.

  9. cliff says:


    Please stop complaining about Obama’s address to the nation’s students.

    Instead, please, please, please, tell all your readers to pull their kids out of their local school. If they are motivated at all, then their child will probably have a better education at home, than they will get at their local school.

    I encourage ALL parents who are upset/worried/feeling uneasy about the President of the United States talking to their children, to immediately pull your kids out of school.

    It is legal all across the country, and in places like Wisconsin, where I live, VERY easy to pull your kids out and homeschool them

    God Bless!

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