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Obama’s Speech To Schoolchildren Is Much Ado About Nothing

by @ 10:43 am on September 3, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politicos & Pundits, Politics


Over at QandO, MichaelW takes me to task for the post I wrote last night about the conservative apoplexy over President Obama’s planned speech to schoolchildren next Tuesday:

While I understand Doug’s disaffection with the Republican Party and its die-hard adherents (with good reason), I really don’t understand this line of attack. Is it really the same thing for a president to encourage kids to stay off of drugs as it is for a president to encourage school children to contemplate the many ways that they can fulfill the government’s wishes?

Well,  because there’s no evidence that the speech on Tuesday will be anything nearly as partisan as many on the right seem to fear it will be. The White House’s own press release gives it a fairly innocuous description:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As children across America go back to school, President Obama will deliver a national address directly to students on the importance of taking responsibility for their success in school on Tuesday, September 8th at 12:00 PM EDT at Wakefield High School in Arlington. In advance of this address, the Department of Education is providing resources developed by and for teachers to help engage students and stimulate discussion about persisting and succeeding in school. The speech will be broadcast live on and C-SPAN. The speech is open to pre-credentialed media.

So, if that’s all this speech is about — staying in school and doing your best — then what’s really so bad about it ? Many conservatives have complained, perhaps legitimately, about the materials that the Dept. of Education was providing to teachers to accompany the speech, but the most controversial part of hose materials has now been withdrawn:

In an acknowledgment that the Department of Education provided lesson plans written somewhat inartfully, surrounding the President Obama’s speech to students next Tuesday, the White House today announced that it had rewritten one of the sections in question.

President Obama will talk to students from Pre K thru 12th grade about personal responsibility and the importance of staying in school, White House aides said.

As one of the preparatory materials for teachers provided by the Department of Education, students had been asked to, “Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. “

Today, after Republicans accused the White House of trying to indoctrinate school children with liberal propaganda the White House and the Department of Education changed the section to now read, “Write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short‐term and long‐term education goals.”

“We changed it to clarify the language so the intent is clear,” said White House Spokesman Tommy Vietor.

The idea, Vietor said, was that students should think of how they could help the President in terms of reducing the national dropout rate.

So, what’s the problem here ?

5 Responses to “Obama’s Speech To Schoolchildren Is Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Aaron says:

    I dont care so much about the President addressing the students. I believe the problem was the materials put out by the dept of Education to teachers. As this has been revised (partly or mostly) because of the outcry from the bloggers and public, I think some of the problem will go away.

  2. Painesright says:

    Obama is bringing “community organizing” into the classroom.

    He takes things much farther than previous presidents who might have been simply brought a wholesome positive message.

    Obama and his Czars are 100% from the school of mind-control.

    The “Menu of Classroom Activities” put out by the Dept of Ed was one of the most repulsive pieces designed to manipulate young minds that I have ever seen. Full of Obama-worship and peer pressure tactics.

    Have you read them in their entirity? Both the PreK – 6th grade and 7 – 12th grade “menus”?? I assure you that all of the parts that offended ME have not been taken out, because there are SO many offensive parts.

    You can make fun of me and call me crazy or whatever you want… there comes a time when we have to draw the line.

    Do not try to tell me that this marxist and his radical liberal teacher’s union and dept of education do not have an ulterior motive in mind!

    My kids are off limits and they will be home Sept 8!

    A few facts to back up my assertions:

    I’m sure this teacher won’t participate in blatant pro-Obama propaganda the day of his speech… oh yeah, right.

    Obama is following to a tee the “Ideological Subversion” tactics of the KGB, don’t believe me, read this:

    Van Jones, a self-proclaimed Communist, need I say more?

    Star-studded “I Pledge to serve Barack Obama” video (don’t miss the last minute, priceless):

    Obama (shhhhh) signs up NEA to create pro-Obama propaganda:

    Much ado about nothing?!?… not at all!!

  3. Painesright says:

    Add another “radical message from Obama and Co directed to the kids” list! This audio highlights how the left has been planting the environmental “kernal” in kids minds for at least a decade now. Is it about the earth? No! It’s about social justice. They are turning our children into their useful idiots.

    “What’s the problem here?” Really, is that a serious question?!?

    You have GOT to hear this!

  4. Mrkleen says:

    Funny stuff here…LOL. Obama is practicing “mind control”. My kids are “off limits” What a bunch of jokers.

    Your kids are hearing and seeing, reading and experiencing things that you have NO CLUE about everyday. They see sex, and drugs and violence on tv EVERYDAY.

    Taking a few minutes AT LUNCH TIME to listen to an inspirational speech from the POTUS is nothing new. Regan did it, Bush Sr. did it. It is much ado about NOTHING.

  5. Cris Cohen says:

    Waiting for the headline – “Congressmen ask schools for air time to rebut President’s remarks. Plan to make a case for dropping out and exploring drug use option.”

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