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The Mark Sanford Mess Gets Even More Pathetic

by @ 5:09 pm on September 3, 2009. Filed under Mark Sanford, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Now, supporters of Lt. Governor Andre Bauer are saying that Sanford and his supporters are spreading rumors about Bauer’s personal life:

In a letter to South Carolina legislators, a prominent state senator Thursday said Gov. Mark Sanford’s supporters were behind recent Internet rumors that Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is gay. And he encouraged the General Assembly to remove the disgraced governor immediately.

“During the last two months, we have discovered plenty of solid reasons to remove our current governor from office; but now there’s one more reason: the people trying to keep Sanford in power have stooped to a new low with this week’s false character assassination of Bauer,” Knotts wrote.

A national blogger wrote Monday that Bauer is secretly gay and that multiple male sources had confirmed having sexual relations with the lieutenant governor.

Knotts said individuals close to Sanford were behind the attacks, which he said were “100 percent false.”

“As a former target of a false rumor started by the Sanford Camp I can tell you with absolute certainty this attack was orchestrated on behalf of Mark Sanford, either directly or indirectly, and financially subsidized by him or one of his many ‘front-groups,’” Knotts wrote.

Knotts noted that he was the subject of similar Sanford-backed smears when “a former Sanford employee and political consultant made a totally false claim about me, designed only to damage my character and reputation and embarrass my family.”

Why do I think that this is all going to end with Sanford riding in a high speed chase on I-77 ?

One Response to “The Mark Sanford Mess Gets Even More Pathetic”

  1. JJ says:

    Being gay while pretending you’re not while seeking public office should matter. I’m not gay and no one has ever stood up and claimed they were 100% positive I was nor have any of my straight friends been through such a situation. ????

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