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Orly Taitz Gets Grilled In Court, Presents Another Phony Birth Certificate

by @ 5:16 pm on September 14, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

It sounds like Orly was on the hot seat in Columbus, GA this afternoon:

Orly Taitz_0195As-not-cropped-thumb-280x350During a hearing in U.S. District Court Monday, an attorney for an Army officer fighting deployment to Iraq questioned Barack Obama’s legal right to serve as president, asserting he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii.

Judge Clay Land, inquisitive throughout the 90-minute hearing, said he will issue a decision on Capt. Connie Rhodes’ request for a temporary restraining order by noon Wednesday.

Rhodes was represented by Orly Taitz, a California lawyer and a national figure in the “birther” movement that claims Obama does not meet the qualifications to be president.

Maj. Rebecca Ausprung, with the Department of the Army, Litigation Division in Washington, told Land this case was about Rhodes, not Obama.

“There was a lack of any reference to Capt. Rhodes,” Ausprung said. “This case is about Capt. Rhodes and her deployment.”

Taitz kept going back to Obama’s birth certificate. Twice she called Obama a “usurper.”

Land repeatedly pointed out it was a courtroom where the rule of law was all that mattered.

Whenever I give you a minute, you go off on these talking points,” Land said.

“We have not seen Mr. Obama’s birth certificate,” Taitz responded.

“This is not a forum to lay ground work for a press conference,” Land said. “This is a court of law.”

In her final argument, Taitz asked Land why she had to prove a “Kenyan birth certificate” she submitted as evidence was authentic, yet her opponents didn’t have to prove Obama had an authentic United States birth certificate.

“Who has the burden of establishing that the president of the United States is not eligible to serve in his office?” Land asked Taitz.

The judge pointed out that burden fell on Rhodes because she sought the restraining order to stop her deployment.

Judge Land also had some question for Orly’s client the Kooky Captain:

Under questioning from Land, Rhodes said she had not declined any other orders since Obama became president.

“If Sen. McCain would have won, would you be objecting to deployment to Iraq?” the judge asked. Rhodes said no.

Land then asked the question another way: If President George W. Bush still was the commander in chief, would she be fighting the deployment?

“No, sir,” Rhodes answered.

The birth certificate that the article refers to is, apparently, this one, which has been up for sale on Ebay and which Orly is now attaching to all her pleadings:


The two biggest problems with this so-called birth certificate are that the hospital in Mombassa has already said it has no paper records of any Barack Obama being born there in 1961, and at the time that Obama was born Mombasa was part of Zanzibar

So, yeah, this one’s a fake too.

Tune in again Wednesday when Judge Land will, most likely, deny the request for TRO and dismiss the case.

One Response to “Orly Taitz Gets Grilled In Court, Presents Another Phony Birth Certificate”

  1. scott says:

    “On 1 July 1895, it became part of Britain’s Kenya protectorate (the coastal strip nominally under Zanzibari sovereignty”

    I think you got your facts twisted, not that it matters. I don’t beleive the whole BC thing. BHO is not a Natural Born Citizen thus ineligible to be POTUS.

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