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Swine Flu No More Dangerous Than Regular Flu

by @ 8:10 am on September 17, 2009. Filed under Health, Swine Flu

It’s beginning to look like there’s little reason to panic over H1N1:

b00526-h1n1-flu-medWASHINGTON – The death rate from the pandemic H1N1 swine flu is likely lower than earlier estimates, an expert in infectious diseases said on Wednesday.

New estimates suggest that the death rate compares to a moderate year of seasonal influenza, said Dr. Marc Lipsitch of Harvard University.

“It’s mildest in kids. That’s one of the really good pieces of news in this pandemic,” Lipsitch told a meeting of flu experts being held by the U.S. Institute of Medicine.

“Barring any changes in the virus, I think we can say we are in a category 1 pandemic. This has not become clear until fairly recently.”

The Pandemic Severity Index set by the U.S. government has five categories of pandemic, with a category 1 being comparable to a seasonal flu epidemic.

Seasonal flu has a death rate of less than 0.1 percent — but still manages to kill 250,000 to 500,000 people globally every year.

So, no need to panic folks.

2 Responses to “Swine Flu No More Dangerous Than Regular Flu”

  1. tfr says:

    Heh… our local TV station has all but gone to 24 hr coverage of H1N1. Must be a really slow news cycle. They actually had a phone bank set up yesterday to inform people about the disease, or something.

  2. Adam Collyer says:

    Um…normal flu, or “seasonal flu” as our lovely health authorities both sides of the pond are now calling it, actually is H1N1 flu. As is “swine flu”. They are varieties of the same illness. So really not surprising the symptoms are similar then. But hey, if you pretend it’s a new illness, there are so many more taxpayers’ dollars in it…

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