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Former Semi-Nude Model Carrie Prejean Addresses “Values Voters” Summit

by @ 2:16 pm on September 18, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Politics

Well, this was probably inevitable:

carrie-prejean-bikini1The Value Voters Summit heard from potential Republican presidential candidates and GOP congressional leaders on Friday morning.

But it was Carrie Prejean–former Miss California–who stole the show.

Prejean, whose book, “Still Standing,” is set to be released in November, got emotional while discussing how her belief in “opposite-sex marriage” cost her points in the Miss USA contest.

“Even though I didn’t win the crown that night,” said Prejean, while pausing to fight back tears, “I know that the Lord has so much of a larger crown in heaven for me.”

The crowd ate it up.

Maggie Gallagher, the head of a conservative pro-traditional marriage group, introduced her to the packed room of hundreds of social conservatives as “our Miss America.”

Prior to choking up, Prejean explained how she knew her answer would jeopardize all the work she had put into preparing for the pageant.

She said, however, that she believes she was chosen for that moment.

“God chose me for that moment because he knew that not only would I be the one to stand up for him and for the truth, but because he knew I was strong enough to get through all the junk that I’ve been through,” said Prejean.

Oh really Carrie ?

Comedy-gold worthy video below the fold

Part One:

Part Two:

3 Responses to “Former Semi-Nude Model Carrie Prejean Addresses “Values Voters” Summit”

  1. Rocky says:

    God told me to skin you alive…

  2. jank brock says:

    This useless slag whore makes me sick. She cries about people being intolerant of her yet makes a career out of being intolerant. She spouts off that she is a Christian and poses 1/2 nude at 17 for photos. Boy oh boy is this useless whore qualified to be a leader in the GOP. She is nothing but a useless whore who’s 15 mins of fame is way over due.
    She is an opportunist that should just fade away and made to go to work instead of hanging on by a thread in the limelight. Prejean you are a useless hypocritical, opportunistic, stupid whore with fake tits. Shut the hell up and go to work for a living instead of trying to try every avenue in the book to hit easy street. You are a ugly whore in my eyes and your mouth and demeanor reek of insincerity, stupidity, undeserved opportunity and whoredom. You useless whore!

  3. Wolf50 says:

    Years ago my entire work unit of 9 people went to take a multiple choice test for the title in which we all worked at that time. ,

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