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Giuliani In 2012 ? Are You Kidding ?

by @ 6:32 pm on September 24, 2009. Filed under 2012 Election, Elections, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Rudy Giuliani

The Dallas Morning News asked Rudy Giuliani if he’s looking at another Presidential run in 2012:

So will Giuliani run for president in 2012?

“I’m keeping my options open is how I put it – meaning who knows?” said the 65-year-old, who pulled out of the 2008 race after being defeated by John McCain in the Florida primary. “Things outside yourself determine whether you can run for president and then whether you can win in running for president. Before I would decide to run for president again, I’d have to see those things outside myself lined up correctly.”

I can’t imagine that Giuliani is seriously considering the possibility of running in 2012. As Dave Weigel notes, he ran one of the biggest crash-and-burn Presidential campaigns in modern American political history, and when it was all over he had spent more than $ 50 million dollars to win a single delegate.

Your time is over, Rudy.

3 Responses to “Giuliani In 2012 ? Are You Kidding ?”

  1. I think that his time is over in presidential politics. I can still see him as a viable candidate for governor of New York… especially if Rudy is running against David Paterson.

  2. Chris Berez says:

    I have the perfect campaign slogan:

    “Giuliani: Because maybe, just maybe, there’s still some millage in invoking 9/11″

  3. 2012 HD says:

    guy doesn’t stand a chance

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