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Obama: Iran “Breaking Rules All Nations Must Follow”

by @ 9:34 am on September 25, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Foreign Affairs, Iran, Politics


President Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown appeared this morning for an extraordinarily harsh condemnation of Iran’s most recent efforts to defy the world:

PITTSBURGH – President Barack Obama demanded Friday that Iran open up a previously covert nuclear fuel facility to international inspectors, saying “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow.”

Obama, flanked by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, said the site “deepens a growing concern” that Iran has failed to live up to its international obligations.

Obama said the “size and configuration” of the site was inconsistent with a peaceful facility, which is a direct challenge to Tehran’s claim that its nuclear plants are designed for peaceful purposes.

The three leaders made the announcement before the opening of the Group of 20 economic summit in Pittsburgh.

Speaking after Obama, Sarkozy said Iran must comply with international demands by December or face a new round of sanctions. “Everything must be put on the table now,” the French leader said.

Brown bluntly accused Iran of engaging in “serial deception” that would “shock and anger” the world.

The Western powers had “no choice but to draw a line in the sand” on Iran’s nuclear program, Brown said.

If they follow through on this rhetoric, it would seem we’ve entered a new phase of the West’s confrontation with Iran over it’s nuclear weapons program. Where it ends is anyone’s guess.

Here’s the video:

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6 Responses to “Obama: Iran “Breaking Rules All Nations Must Follow””

  1. john says:

    Come on!!! The only time Nuclear Weapons been used was when only one country had them. We have access lets sell them to those without!!!

  2. Let's Be Free says:

    In every president’s tenure there are opportunities for a the president to stand out, lead boldly and strongly in the name of liberty and freedom (think Reagan as in “Mr. Gorbachev take down this wall”) or to be a weak kneed moralizer (thing Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech).

    Now we hear that Iran is “breaking rules all nations must follow” except, of course, for the United States, which it might haved occured to our leader has a track record of pretty much doing what it wanted when it wanted with respect to nulcear proliferation.

    Good job Barack of reaching out to the people and striking a chord that resonates.

    With the people Iran and neighbors throughout that part of the world there are extraordinary opportunities for leadership

  3. LBF,

    I agree, so far so good.

    I’m sure we’ll learn more about this soon, but it seems like this facility is something the US has known about for awhile now — Obama was apparently briefed on it right after he won the election.

  4. Muffler says:


    I find what you are saying interesting. The second amendment protects the right to bear arms. The thinking is if everyone has a gun then everyone will think twice about using them and they government would be in check. It’s an interesting play of thought when we extend that to nuclear weapons. If every country has them would they then think twice about using them? Can you apply the idea that nuclear arms don’t kill millions… people kill millions? Would it keep dictators and bad guys in check?

  5. Chris M. says:

    @Muffler and John: I don’t think that selling nukes to every country is a viable solution. A nuclear weapon is in a class of weaponry all by itself. The devastation and loss of life wrought by such a weapon is an order of magnitude more vast than conventional weapons. The idea of all countries having nukes relies on the assumption that all countries have good intentions. It also relies on the assumption that all countries would have adequate controls in place so that those nukes don’t get into the hands of rogue groups. Could you imagine the race to the bottom if one country nuked the country it doesn’t like and in turn gets bombed? Eye-for-an-eye doesn’t work on that scale, millions would die instantly and needlessly because their governments disagreed or they despise a given ethnic or cultural group, etc. Our enlightened understanding of the nature and use of these weapons is not shared by all other nations.

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