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Union’s Next Tariff Target: Chinese Paper

by @ 8:30 am on September 25, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Economics, Free Trade, Politics

Fresh of the victory of persuading President Obama to impose a protective tariff on Chinese tires, the union lobby is now targeting another Chinese product, paper:

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) – The United Steelworkers union, fresh from persuading President Barack Obama to restrict tire imports from China, filed a new case Wednesday asking for duties on coated paper from both China and Indonesia.

The action came just one day after Chinese President Hu Jintao complained to Obama about the tires decision in a meeting on the sidelines of a United Nations summit in New York.

Obama will host Hu and other world leaders at the Group of 20 summit Thursday and Friday in Pittsburgh to discuss how to put the fragile global economy on a path to more sustainable growth.

The steelworkers union, which represents workers in a number of industries, sees itself in a battle against what it believes are unfair foreign trade practices that have led to the loss of millions of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

They are joined in their latest trade case by paper manufacturers NewPage Corp of Miamisburg, Ohio; Appleton Coated LLC of Kimberly, Wisconsin; and Sappi Fine Paper North America of Boston, Massachusetts, which together employ about 6,000 union workers at paper mills in nine states.

“Neither the companies nor the union will tolerate being obliterated without asking our government to investigate and enforce the rules of fair trade,” Steelworkers President Leo Gerard said in a statement.

Unlike the steelworkers’ petition in the tires case, this complaint will not land on Obama’s desk.

Instead, the U.S. International Trade Commission, a U.S. federal agency, will have the final word on whether anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties will be imposed after an investigation by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Can you say trade war ?

H/T: Jason Pye

3 Responses to “Union’s Next Tariff Target: Chinese Paper”

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  2. buybigtires says:

    The thing is, the Union may well have legitimate case with regards to coated paper. The case case they drummed up against Chinese tires was completely bogus, without any strong, correlating data.

    Fortunately, the public didn’t really want to dig into the real issues: American manufacturers abandoned the Tier 3 tire markets, and they don’t want them back.

    Their actions set a dangerous precedent, and Obama is being foolhardy if he allows a small portion of our nation’s workers to sabotage any chance of an economic recovery.

  3. Joe Neri says:

    I guess the only paper you want the Chinese to buy from US are Treasury notes.

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