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First, Let’s Fix The $ 43 Billion Trillion Federal Health Care Deficit

by @ 8:40 am on September 27, 2009. Filed under Health Care Reform, Politics

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3 Responses to “First, Let’s Fix The $ 43 Billion Trillion Federal Health Care Deficit”

  1. Let's Be Free says:

    Social Security and Medicare are two column frauds.

    Their trust funds are mere asset entries on an electronic spreadsheat not backed up by real investments. The insurance premiums raised for these programs (your payroll deductions/FICA) have been spent for other purposes rather than put aside for the purposes intended. That means there are are no real assets to back up the liabilities, which are the medical coverage and retirement annuities promised to you, the taxpayer.

    The Baucus bill compounds the fraud by using the phoney Medicare assets to fund health care socialization which will result in very real new expenditures while turning over Medicare to the real death panels, i.e., the government statisticians and actuaries who will decide what elders are not deserving of the health care their premiums paid for.

    I wish it weren’t this this hopeless and corrupt.

  2. Robert in SF says:

    Did I miss the part where she actually proposes a solution to the 43 trillion dollar problem?

  3. Robert in SF says:

    @Let’s Be Free:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your statements about social security. It’s basically robbing Peter to pay Paul…almost a huge pyramid scheme. I think there needs to be some serious consideration to changing social security to address the issue of how we deal with an aging population who have not (or were not able) saved for their “retirement”.

    The economic/financial complexity is way over my head, but here’s what I would propose:

    Annouce that every citizen born starting 2 years from now will be included in the tax of social security but will never collect under that plan. Then open up special tax-free/tax-advantaged savings plans for those persons so that they are able to save for their own retirement at their own choice with their own money.

    Then restructure social security to only pay out starting 3 years from now for those who averaged a regional/state povery level income for the last such-and-such years before retirement age and have only so much in retirement funds, or some other mathematical way to determine who needs social security after retirement age.

    Once the aging population balloons (retiring baby boomers) and then drops off as they pass away, the population paying continues to increase while the population collecting drops. The tax-rate would be adjusted every few years, and therefore the rate would drop continuously.

    People (those who are able, we could argue about that qualifier, I am sure) would be forced to be ready for their own retirement.

    Social security as we know it would be eliminated within a generation.

    Just something to work from.

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