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Newsmax Sends Article Calling For Military Coup Down The Memory Hole

by @ 10:35 am on September 30, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Dumbasses, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

Earlier today I noted that a writer at NewsMax had advocated a military coup to overthrow President Obama.

Now, if you click on the link for the article, here’s what you get:


Of course, it’s still available over at the Google Cache of the page:


Embarrassed to have been caught at treason, guys ?

4 Responses to “Newsmax Sends Article Calling For Military Coup Down The Memory Hole”

  1. zen says:

    And to think that DHS has warned about right-wing extremism. How many winks, and nods do some nuts, and nutty organizations need? I hope we don’t find out. But if we do, I hope there’s accountability for this type of incitement.

  2. Mr. Perry’s inflammatory rhetoric notwithstanding, he concludes with, a question to our military leadership as to whether they should do something to intervene in the government or just wait it out. This was hardly a call for a bloody coup. Our military already participates in our government via Congressional testimony and through an advisory role through the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    The answer, to the question is, of course, continue to participate in governance decisions via the National Command Authority/Joint Chiefs of Staff and continue to faithfully carry our all LAWFUL orders.

    Mr. Perry is not committing treason or sedition merely by discussing this matter. During every Administration, segments of our population, including parts of the military, have opposed some policies in play at the time. One reason we do not have military coups here, is that our officers (at every level of the chain of command) retain the right to refuse to carry out unlawful orders. If some elected official directs an action that is illegal, that officer receiving the order knows that he will not be protected from prosecution if the order directs him to carry out an illegal action.

    Rather than spreading rumors of pending coups and obliquely discussing assassination plots, the Republicans should be coming up with some issues and solutions that could get their side elected in 2010 and 2012.

    Instead, they cling to boogeyman stories and fantasize about trailer-park Palin.

    America needs a new Party to emerge, to replace the corrupt, incompetent Republicans.

  3. Cargosquid says:

    How about TWO new parties, J? Or are you happy with the ClusterFK that is the Democratic Party? I do agree that the GOP needs to start putting out solutions, though. Bold ideas. They’re too scared of being criticized or or too “moderate” to be distinguishable from the Democrats.

    Oh, and if Palin wins….I’m going to laugh…..

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