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Pakistanis Oppose U.S. Involvement In Fight Against Militants

by @ 7:10 am on October 1, 2009. Filed under Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, Foreign Affairs, Pakistan, War On Terror

A new poll indicates that most Pakistanis are opposed to the U.S. becoming involved in the fight against al Qaeda and other militants in the country’s northern regions:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Even with the arrival of the Obama administration and the prospect of substantially increased aid, more Pakistanis — an overwhelming majority — continued to reject the United States as a partner to fight militancy in their country, a new poll finds.

The survey, conducted by the Washington-based International Republican Institute, underscored the difficulties the Obama administration faced in its efforts to tamp down Islamic militancy in this strategically vital nation.

The I.R.I. is a nonprofit pro-democracy group which is financed by the American government.


According to the poll, 80 percent of the respondents said they were opposed to United States assistance in Pakistan’s fight against terrorism, a 19 percentage-point increase since the last survey conducted by the institute in March.

The survey says that 76 percent of the respondents were opposed to Pakistan partnering with the United States on missile attacks against extremists by American drone aircraft. Such strikes have been under way for several years against militants from Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the tribal areas, and have recently intensified.

Quite obviously, we’re losing the PR war.

One Response to “Pakistanis Oppose U.S. Involvement In Fight Against Militants”

  1. Jim says:

    Hard to understand. I know that if we had armed Christian extremists in our country planning terrorist attacks, we would be happy to have the military of Muslim countries halfway around the world come in to take them on.

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