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Orly Taitz Teaches Us How Not To Respond To A Federal Judge’s Threat Of Sanctions

by @ 4:42 pm on October 4, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

As I noted several weeks ago, Federal Judge Clay Land had issued a Show Cause Order calling on birther lawyer Orly Taitz to show why he shouldn’t impose monetary sanctions on her pursuant to Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Orly’s first response to that Order was to call Judge Land a communist who was colluding with the Obama Administration to sabotage her case.

Her second response isn’t much smarter:

Attorney Orly Taitz, the “birther” lawyer under threat of sanctions by U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit, filed a motion Friday asking the judge to recuse himself because of personal contacts and financial stakes he may have with President Barack Obama’s administration.

Land was appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush.

Taitz represented Army Capt. Connie Rhodes when she filed a Sept. 4 complaint arguing Rhodes shouldn’t be deployed to Iraq because Obama couldn’t legitimately hold office. Land not only ruled against Rhodes, but ordered Taitz to explain why he should not fine her $10,000 for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit.

On Friday, Taitz asked for an extension to respond to that order, but also asked that Land recuse himself from the case. In her motion for recusal, Taitz:

* States Land may have improperly been in contact with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

* States that Land’s ownership of stock in Microsoft and Comcast could give the judge a financial stake in the outcome.

* Likens her plight to that of the late civil rights icon Thurgood Marshall in the 1940s and ’50s.

“The primary reason for the undersigned counsel to file this motion to recuse, however, is that Judge Clay D. Land has by his own actions created a constitutionally intolerable situation in which he is both complaining party, prosecuting attorney, judge and jury regarding the charges of frivolous filing and sanctionable conduct which he has leveled …” Taitz states.


Taitz also objected to Land’s use of the word “birther” in his earlier rulings.

“Since the undersigned certainly did not invent or ever adopt the term ‘birther,’ awareness of this label is a pejorative appellation (often coupled with even more colorful epithets such as ‘bats–t crazy’), and since she does not go around introducing herself or her clients as part of a ‘movement’ in any sense, certainly not in court, it can only be concluded that Judge Clay D. Land has derived his information, and prejudice, and bias, against the undersigned by reference to material which is exclusively available from extrajudicial sources,” Taitz states.

Yep, that’s right, Orly’s going off the deep-end this time.

Here’s the pleading in question:

RHODES v MacDONALD – 24 – MOTION for Recusal by Connie Rhodes filed by Orly Taitz.(Taitz, Orly) (Entered: 1…

6 Responses to “Orly Taitz Teaches Us How Not To Respond To A Federal Judge’s Threat Of Sanctions”

  1. James Young says:

    While I don’t endorse Taitz’s response, Judge Land should have avoided the pejorative rhetoric. It does evidence a lack of judicial temperament, even assuming, arguendo, that Taitz is “bats*** crazy,” rather that just extraordinarily unprofessional.

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  3. zone says:

    Can anyone name of the hospital this president was born in?

    Nope, there’s smoke here, and that is what keeps it going.

  4. Derek says:

    Can anyone explain how Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama Senior were able to sneak out of the country, and then sneak back in with a child in 1961?

    Nope. That’s why this is a dead issue.

  5. chsw says:

    I want to see Taitz’ law license. I want to know whether it is legit or a forgery.

    No matter what one thinks of the “birthers,” Taitz’ poor lawyering is hurting them.

  6. Sonora says:

    Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children in Honolulu is where Pres Obama was born, zone.

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