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Orly Taitz Submits False Affidavit In Birther Case

by @ 12:10 pm on October 6, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

In connection with her effort to get a Georgia Federal Judge to recuse himself from a case, birther lawyer Orly Taitz has filed what appears to be a false affidavit:

Attorney Orly Taitz, under threat of $10,000 in sanctions from U.S. District Judge Clay Land, submitted an affidavit Sunday in support of the argument that the judge may have been influenced by President Barack Obama’s administration.

The affidavit, filed Sunday in support of Taitz’s Friday motion for Land to recuse himself, is signed Robert D. Douglas, of Alma, Ga. It states that Douglas was in a coffee shop waiting for the 12th Street federal courthouse to open for a hearing on Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook in July when U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder entered.

“Red flags went up immediately in my mind and the questions remain, as yet,” the affidavit states. “Why does the attorney general of the United States need to be present in an obscure hearing well off his beaten path? Could it possibly be, since Holder did not present himself in open court, he may have had a little ‘whisper in the ear’ to a federal judge in order to bias his judicial vision and adhere to the president’s agenda of obstruction?”

The only problem ? Well, it’s pretty clear that Holder wasn’t anywhere near Georgia on the day in question:

Holder was giving a speech in Los Angeles the day Douglas claims to have seen him in Columbus, according to news releases on the Justice Department’s Web site. When told Holder was in California that day, Douglas said he didn’t realize that was the case.

“If he was scheduled somewhere else, obviously I’m mistaken, if that’s indeed true,” Douglas said. “I have no way to verify if that is true.”

Lemme guess guy, one short black guy with a mustache looks like any other short black guy with a mustache, right ?

DOJ press release here. Contemporaneous news article about the California trip here.

Something tells me Judge Land isn’t going to like this.

Here’s the affidavit:

20607456 RHODES v MacDONALD 261 1004200926 EXHIBITS by Connie Rhodes Re 24RECAP MOTION for Recusal Attachme…

5 Responses to “Orly Taitz Submits False Affidavit In Birther Case”

  1. The date this case was tossed out was on SEPTEMBER 16th. The Date you claim he was in Los Angeles was JULY 16th. Do you want to retract your contention now? Or just continue with the propaganda?

  2. No, because you’re mixing cases up.

    The case that was tossed out was Rhodes. The affidavit refers to the Cook case, which was heard on July 16th. Therefore, the affidavit, as with everything else Orly has ever submitted, is false.

  3. Get your facts straight.

    The affidavit specifically says that the affiant was in Columbus, GA to attend the hearing before Judge Land in Major Stefan Cooks case.

    That took place on July 16, 2009, the day Eric Holder was in Los Angeles.

    The September hearing was for a completely different case, the one involving Capt. Rhodes for which Orly now faces the possibility of $ 10,000 in sanctions

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