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SurveyUSA: McDonnell Up By 11 In Virginia Governor’s Race

A new SurveyUSA/News Channel 8 poll shows Bob McDonnell back to a double digit lead over Creigh Deeds in the Virginia Governor’s race:

With four weeks until Virginia’s gubernatorial election, Republican Bob McDonnell maintains his commanding lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds.

McDonnell leads Deeds by 11 points, 54-43, according to a new SurveyUSA poll commissioned by WJLA-TV. McDonnell has never dipped below 54 percent in In four identical SurveyUSA tracking polls, and Deeds has never polled above 43 percent.

And, the Republican candidates in the down-ballot races are doing similarly well:

In race for lieutenant governor, incumbent Republican Bill Bolling easily defeats Democrat Jody Wagner, the commonwealth’s former treasurer and secretary of finance, by 17 points, 57-40.

In the attorney general contest, Republican state Sen. Ken Cuccinelli is beating Del. Steve Shannon by ten points, 53-43.

It’s really beginning to look like 2009 will be a Republican year here in Virginia, at least on the statewide races. What will be interesting to see will be what impact the Governor’s race, and a probable strong showing by McDonnell, has on the House of Delegates and the State Senate.

10 Responses to “SurveyUSA: McDonnell Up By 11 In Virginia Governor’s Race”

  1. Let's Be Free says:

    Likely voters favored McCain 52 to 44 percent over Obama in the presidential election, almost reverse the actual result of 53 to 47 percent Obama over McCain. This implies that folks sitting out this election will be almost entirely from the Obama crowd, or more likely, that a lot of Obama voters are developing amnesia.

  2. EJ says:


    Just FYI, there are no Senate seats up for election this year.

  3. You are correct, my mistake

  4. LBF,

    Yes, that’s been Deeds’s biggest problem — he’s not impressing the people who voted for Obama last year, especially here in Northern Virginia.

    In retrospect, the Democrats might have been better off nominating Brian Moran or Terry McAuliffe, but I’m not certain that’s true eitehr

  5. James Young says:

    LBF: Those Obama voters are not “developing amnesia”; they’re becoming conscious.

  6. Tom says:

    Last year at this time Obama was up by 2 points in Va and he won . Deeds has been down by more than double that the entire time.

  7. James,

    More likely based on the polls, it seems that they’re going to stay home

  8. I don’t believe that McDonnell will govern conservatively, in fact he will probably govern in a similar manner to Mark Warner.

    But I am kind of glad that he may pull off a win. I am tired of Democrats embarrassing our state on the television after a State of the Union address (first Tim Kaine then Jim Webb).

  9. Let's Be Free says:

    Great line James.

  10. john says:

    There is no way woman hater bob macdonald will win, at least when this is over he wont hold a public office.Praise be to Jesus

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