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Prince William County Ditches The Car Sticker

by @ 6:39 pm on October 7, 2009. Filed under Prince William County, Virginia

For some reason, I’m getting alot of traffic today from people who seem to be wondering about the status of County car stickers in Prince William County.

You don’t need them anymore:

If you received a 2009 PERSONAL PROPERTY VERIFICATION FORM and you would like to report your corrections on-line, click here


Vehicles normally garaged or parked in Prince William County are no longer required to display a County decal. This change affects the local registration of vehicles as follows:

    • The elimination of the requirement to display a County decal does not change the filing requirement for vehicles and vehicle owners must still report to the Tax Administration Division new vehicles moved into Prince William County and vehicles sold or moved out. This can be done usingeXpress Tax or by contacting us by phone at 703-792-6710.
    • We will no longer issue County decals for vehicles located or being moved into Prince William County.
    • For vehicles being moved into Prince William County, you will be billed for the annual license fee of $24 for autos/trucks and $12 for cycles along with the personal property tax, if any is due. The fee is waived if the vehicle is a replacement for a vehicle sold or moved out on which the license fee has already been paid.

For vehicles already in Prince William County, the County will still levy and collect an annual license fee of $24 for autos/trucks and $12 for cycles along with the personal property tax.

So, so long to the car sticker !

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