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Chinese Dissidents Disappointed By Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

by @ 7:28 pm on October 10, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, China, Foreign Affairs, Politics

Because, you know, it could’ve gone to people who are actually fighting for freedom:

China’s dissidents are voicing unease about President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, saying that the award could have been effective in promoting human rights in their country.

Some in China’s democracy movement are outraged at what they see as a weak stance on rights by Obama, who the same week as Friday’s announcement avoided a meeting with Tibet’s exiled Dalai Lama that would have upset Beijing.

Chinese activists had been tipped as Nobel contenders on this year of anniversaries, when China marked 60 years of communist rule, 50 years since the Dalai Lama’s flight and 20 years since the crushing of the Tiananmen Square democracy uprising.

Potential laureates included Hu Jia, locked up since December 2007 after exposing government abuses and the plight of China’s AIDS sufferers, and Wei Jingsheng, a onetime electrician who spent 18 years in prison after brazenly challenging former leader Deng Xiaoping to bring democracy.

Huang Ciping, an engineer turned activist who is executive director of Wei’s Washington-based foundation, said that China “has come to such a turning point that the prize might have helped.”

“The Nobel Peace Prize committee has the full right to decide to give coal to those who suffer and struggle or to present flowers to the powerful,” she said.

But she said of the decision: “It is both a pity for the Chinese people and a danger to world peace.”

Rebiya Kadeer, the exiled leader of China’s Uighur minority, congratulated Obama but called on him to use the added prestige to put pressure on “dictatorships like China.”

“I am very happy that he got it. Now he has to do something with the award. It raises expectations on him to stand up for oppressed nations,” she told AFP.

Well, considering that he’s already refused to meet with the spiritual leaders of one of the principal objects of Chinese oppression, I somehow doubt her wishes will be fulfilled.

2 Responses to “Chinese Dissidents Disappointed By Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. cp says:

    Considering the circumstance, I am afraid that your analysis of the unfortunate situation will be the fact and her wish will not be fulfilled.

    Thanks for these good blogs and articles.

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    So, Mr. President…as you begin to prepare your acceptance speech for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, downplay the fact that you failed to get Israel and Palestine to the table this week to negotiate, ignore the fact that you have no plan for Afghanis…

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