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Stephen Colbert Obliterates Glenn Beck

by @ 8:12 pm on October 10, 2009. Filed under Glenn Beck, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Stephen Colbert
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3 Responses to “Stephen Colbert Obliterates Glenn Beck”

  1. Daniel Bogdan says:

    I watched the entire painful clip and came away with a very different impression than that of which you recently tweeted. I’ve never been very impressed with Mr. Colbert’s form of humor/comedy, and in this particular segment, he comes across as both shallow and mean in his ad hominum attack upon Glenn Beck’s sincerity. The level of civil discourse toward dissenting opinion by people such as Mr. Colbert is alarming to me, because they freely put themselves out as “humorists” or “late-night comedians,” and therefore exempt from the civility clause of the 1st Amendment. It seemed to me more that Mr. Colbert was shouting “Crazy! Loony Toons!” at Glenn Beck rather than refuting any or all of Mr. Beck’s points of concern. Clipping together several unrelated moments of Mr. Beck’s program to make him appear to be “crazy” does not merit serious consideration. Did Mr. Colbert address any of the issues that he supposedly has with Mr. Beck? I found no instance of it in this film segment. But then again, Mr. Colbert is “just a comedian,” so we should neither expect nor demand an apology from him for his ad hominum attacks. But, like he said, Mr. Beck is a public figure. Like Mr. Beck, Mr. Colbert just “loves [his] paycheck…”

  2. There is a readily available solution to deal with both “ba-hoo” Beck and Colbert.

    Some years ago I discovered that both radios and televisions are equipped with an ingenious device, known by many as the on-off switch…

  3. Gib Wallis says:

    This is certainly Colbert at his finest. I’m not a steady fan of Colbert, but he can be brilliant at times. And in small doses.

    Contrary to Daniel’s comment above, there is not civility clause of the first amendment.

    Also, because Colbert is not simply a comedian, he’s a satirist. Satire ridicules its subject, and his subject is TV pundits just like Glenn Beck.

    It’s extra fun that they can pull clips from both of their respective shows and they parallel each other perfectly when Colbert draws on more than one host to make fun of.

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