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Report: More Than Half Of Nobel Committee Initially Objected To Obama Nobel

by @ 9:14 am on October 15, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Foreign Affairs, Politics

Well, this is very interesting:

OSLO — Three of the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee had objections to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to US President Barack Obama, the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang (VG) reported Thursday.

“VG has spoken to a number of sources who confirmed the impression that a majority of the Nobel committee, at first, had not decided to give the peace prize to Barack Obama,” the newspaper said.

In a surprise move last Friday, the Nobel committee attributed the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama less than nine months after he had taken office.

The committee, appointed by the Norwegian parliament, honoured Obama for “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

“The committee was unanimous,” its influential secretary Geir Lundestad told AFP on Friday.

But Inger-Marie Ytterhorn, who represented the right-wing populist Progress Party on the committee, led the way in objecting to the choice of Obama because she questioned his ability to keep his promises, the newspaper said.

It also said the representative of the Conservative Party, Kaci Kullmann Five, and Aagot Valle, the representative of the Socialist Left, had objections.

The choice for Obama was however strongly supported by committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland and Sissel Roenbeck, both representatives of the Labour Party.


The newspaper quotes Ytterhorn and Five as saying they both supported the committee’s final decision.

And who knows what the reasons for that decision are.

One Response to “Report: More Than Half Of Nobel Committee Initially Objected To Obama Nobel”

  1. Randy says:

    They gave him the prize Nobel,

    Their view of the world to sell,

    You’re just one in the world,

    Stars & Stripes, keep it furled,

    To belong, just do as we tell.

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