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India Sends A Message To The West: We Will Not Sacrifice Prosperity Over “Climate Change”

by @ 8:12 pm on October 22, 2009. Filed under Foreign Affairs, India, Politics

The prospects for a climate change treaty coming out of December’s Copenhagen Summit just got slimmer:

(AP) Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Thursday that the world’s poor nations will not sacrifice their development in negotiations for a new climate change deal.

The issue of how to share the burden of fighting global warming has divided the developing and industrialized worlds as they prepare to negotiate a replacement to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol at a December summit in Copenhagen.

“Developing countries cannot and will not compromise on development,” Singh told an international conference on technology and climate change.

However, even poorer countries need to “do our bit to keep our emissions footprint within levels that are sustainable and equitable,” he said.

And by “do our bit,” Prime Minister Singh means loot the treasuries of rich countries:

Developing countries want financial aid for their climate change efforts, and Singh said wealthy nations have an obligation to ensure they get access to new, clean technology that will cut emissions and increase energy efficiency.

Of course, there’s no way that the West will agree to this. Which probably means that whatever comes out of Copenhagen will be meaningless and watered down.


H/T: QandO

One Response to “India Sends A Message To The West: We Will Not Sacrifice Prosperity Over “Climate Change””

  1. zone says:

    Al Gore’s statement regarding Global Warming, saying that the “science is settled” should have instead been “the fix is in”.

    We are being looted and ransacked by tyrannical suppression of facts regarding evidence conflicting the GW hypothesis.

    Best case they are merely poorly trained in scientific method. But, suspect instead these “mistakes” are tracks of an huge scale, international grab for money and power.

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