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Poll: Americans Trust Free Markets Over Government On Health Care

by @ 7:25 pm on October 22, 2009. Filed under Health Care Reform, Individual Liberty, Politics

According to the latest Rasmussen poll:

Sixty-five percent (65%) of voters nationwide say laws should be changed so that health insurance companies are subject to anti-trust regulations. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 12% disagree, while 23% are not sure.

Anti-trust laws are intended to prevent companies and other business entities from working together in ways that limit competition.

Support for putting the health insurance companies under the anti-trust umbrella is consistent with another survey finding: 66% say free market competition between insurance companies will do more than government regulation to reduce health care costs. Just 23% believe more government regulation is the way to reduce costs, and 10% are not sure.

Seventy-three percent (73%) also favor another measure designed to spur free-market competition by allowing people buy health insurance across state lines. Just 20% are opposed to that measure

Well, that’s a good sign.

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2 Responses to “Poll: Americans Trust Free Markets Over Government On Health Care”

  1. Neil B ♪ says:

    Conservatives often claim that it was liberal/anti-market forces wanting to deny insurance coverage across State lines, but really that was obstructed more by the anti-trust exemption and cross-State regulatory issues. (Look that up, I think I’ve got the gist of it.) Reinstating the anti-trust rules, and allowing interstate competition go hand in hand, but the issue of varying State rules is still a problem (perhaps solvable.)

    I think the OP may not appreciate the implications of the idea of allowing the insurance companies to compete more – yes, the public thinks that would help and likely so, but that isn’t inconsistent with a “public option.” The PO ironically is a sort of meta-competition, like having an orange compete against apples that otherwise only compete against each other. I think it’s a good idea since it gives the insurers a non-profit entity to have to benchmark against. I think can survive even then, from having more healthy subscribers who won’t take as many payouts.


  2. It is about the health care. American’s are believe in the personal freedom.I also agree about that support for putting the health insurance companies under the anti-trust umbrella is consistent with another survey finding….

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