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Pakistani Taliban Targeting Pakistani Nuclear Weapons ?

by @ 3:54 pm on October 23, 2009. Filed under Afghanistan, Foreign Affairs, Pakistan, War On Terror

Well this is the kind of thing you really don’t want to read when you wake up in the morning:

The Pakistani Taliban targeted an air base believed to be one of the country’s secret nuclear weapons facilities on Friday among a wave of suicide bombings that killed at least 25 people across the country.

The attack on guard post at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex at Kamra, about 40 miles outside Islamabad, killed eight people and raising fears about the security of the nuclear-armed state’s arsenal.

Officials were quick to deny that the facility, the major research centre for the air force, had links to the nuclear programme. However, Pakistan doesn’t specify which sites are involved in the programme and many independent experts believe that Kamra is a nuclear air base.

I guess the only question I have is why I had to go to a British newspaper to find this story. Is the American media too busy following Jon & Kate Gosselin ?

H/T: Wizbang

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