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SyFy Channel To Air Original V Miniseries

by @ 8:47 pm on October 26, 2009. Filed under Television

With the upcoming premiere of the re-imagined version of the iconic 80’s Sci-Fi miniseries V on November 3rd on ABC, the SyFy Channel is getting into the game by showing the original version of the show:

The Syfy Channel in the United States will be preparing for the second coming of the Visitors by airing the original V in the days leading up to the ABC series premiere.

Here is the current schedule, subject to change. All times listed are ET.

Sunday, November 1
1PM-5PM V: The Original Miniseries
5PM-11PM V: The Final Battle
11PM-3AM V: The Original Miniseries

Monday, November 2
8AM-7PM Syfy will be showing V all day. We’re assuming this will be comprised of episodes of the original series.

Tuesday, November 3
Again, Syfy is doing a marathon that we assume is made up of episodes of the original weekly series.
4PM-8PM V: The Original Miniseries – Then catch the premiere of V on ABC on November 3 at 8:00!

And, yes I’ll be setting TiVo !

5 Responses to “SyFy Channel To Air Original V Miniseries”

  1. Vast says:

    The name SyFy is the worst name ever for a network.

  2. On that we agree.

    Other than Battlestar Galactica and Stargate, though, there is no real Science Fiction in their programming so “Sci Fi Channel” wasn’t exactly truth in advertising.

  3. Vast says:

    True, it’s more like the wrestling, fake reality, crappy horror movie channel.

  4. James Young says:

    I loved this series. Particularly the hot blond who later married Stephen Collins.

    I also remember it as the series that introduced Michael Ironside, always a menacing presence.

  5. William Jackson says:

    I am extremely hard of hearing, and I need English closed captioning, to come back to your SyFY (old SciFi) channel) like it used to be, please do this, I am sure there are lots of others who need it also, thanks

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