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How The Obama Administration Strongarmed Chrysler’s Creditors

by @ 12:35 pm on October 28, 2009. Filed under Auto Industry, Barack Obama, Business, Economics, Politics

Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock explains how the Obama Administration helped Chrysler manipulate the bankruptcy process to deny creditors such as the State of Indiana the rights that they are entitled to under the Bankruptcy Code:

H/T: Cato@Liberty

4 Responses to “How The Obama Administration Strongarmed Chrysler’s Creditors”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Chilling and unsettling, a must-watch video.

  2. PunditKix says:

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  3. mobil bekas says:

    American people eating too much, driving to much, spending too much, sleeping too much.

  4. mobil bekas says:

    If we talk about quantity, it’s american. If we talk about quanlity, it’s Japanesse

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