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Larry Kudlow Responds To Barney Frank

by @ 3:38 pm on October 28, 2009. Filed under Individual Liberty, Politics

Here’s what Frank said.

And, here’s Kudlow’s response:

H/T: Club For Growth

3 Responses to “Larry Kudlow Responds To Barney Frank”

  1. John says:

    Does Barney Frank not own a shirt that the collar fits around his fat neck? And does he ever sit up srtaight. I know he’s not straight but he could at least sit straight.

  2. Fred Zeppelin says:

    Kinda makes you think about Rep. Frank (D-M(ass)) – if he’s such an astute financial guru, why is he purloining the halls of the Capital instead of Wall Street? I wonder what measure of business sense he has, instead of just shopping on K Street or Newton.

    Quick answer? He’s as sharp as a butter knife. Without his tinkering and ham-handed championing CRA, firewalling for Fannie/Freddie, and his outright dishonesty, we wouldn’t be in the pickle we’re in now. No wonder he’s a barrister.

    When you have too many (so called) chefs huddled about the financial pot, the soup isn’t what its touted to be. Stick to what you know, Barney, instead of making bad things worse….

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