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Shut Up About Barack & Michelle’s Date Nights, Okay ?

by @ 8:12 am on October 29, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Dumbasses, Politics

Like Steve Green, this is one issue where I’m on President Obama’s side:

“If I weren’t president, I would be happy to catch the shuttle with my wife to take her to a Broadway show, as I had promised her during the campaign, and there would be no fuss and no muss and no photographers,” he said. “That would please me greatly.”

Presidents, however, don’t travel by any means other than secure government aircraft or vehicles.

Obama added: “The notion that I just couldn’t take my wife out on a date without it being a political issue was not something I was happy with.”

The guy — and his wife, and his kids, and his mother-in-law — lives inside of a 365/24/7 bubble. If he wants to blow off some steam and go on a date with his wife or by golfing with friends, let him. There are much bigger issues in the world to worry about and, as Steve says:

His political sins we can punish him for on election day.

Complaining about stuff like this just makes the right look petty.

One Response to “Shut Up About Barack & Michelle’s Date Nights, Okay ?”

  1. Let's Be Free says:

    The thing that I like about Obama playing golf is the repeated visual rep that he is a true lefty.

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