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Richmond Times-Dispatch Shows Virginia GOP Poised For Big Win

There’s little sign of tightening in the Virginia Governor’s Race:

Republican Bob McDonnell appears poised to win the governorship and lead a GOP sweep Tuesday, ending nearly a decade of reverses for his party, according to The Richmond Times-Dispatch Poll.

McDonnell is favored by 53 percent, while Democrat R. Creigh Deeds is preferred by 41 percent — a widened lead from an early October survey for the newspaper. Six percent are undecided in the latest poll.

McDonnell’s comfortable lead, along with those of his running mates for lieutenant governor and attorney general, points to a dramatic comeback for Republicans that could include a heftier majority in the House of Delegates.

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is ahead of Jody Wagner by 13 percentage points. For attorney general, Republican Ken Cuccinelli is up 14 percentage points over Steve Shannon.

The only question left is how long McDonnell’s coattails will be.

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2 Responses to “Richmond Times-Dispatch Shows Virginia GOP Poised For Big Win”

  1. James Young says:

    McDonnell’s coattails? If these numbers hold up, sounds like local GOP candidates should be hoping to ride Bolling’s and Cuccinelli’s coattails.

  2. Tom Burns says:

    This race is as good as finished.

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