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PPP: Virginia Republicans Headed For Sweep

The final Public Policy Polling poll of Virginia shows that Virginia Republicans stand to have a lot to celebrate on Tuesday night:

Bob McDonnell leads Creigh Deeds 56-42 in PPP’s final poll of the race.

In a finding that may sum up what happened here 63% of voters in the state think McDonnell made a strong case for why he should be Governor while only 34% said the same of Deeds. Even 36% of Deeds’ supporters said he hadn’t made a good argument for why he should be elected.

Beyond that the same themes that have shown throughout the general election show up in the last survey. 61% of McDonnell’s voters are ‘very excited’ to vote on Tuesday while just 14% are ‘not very excited.’ For Deeds’ supporters on the other hand 36% are ‘not very excited about casting their ballots and just 31% are ‘very excited.’ That enthusiasm gap has existed for months now and made a Deeds comeback all but impossible.

Most significant, though, will be the impact of McDonnell’s victory on the rest of the races on the ballot:

McDonnell will be bringing some folks with him. Bill Bolling leads 54-41 for Lieutenant Governor and Ken Cuccinelli has a 55-39 advantage for Attorney General. Republicans also have a 48-39 lead on the generic House of Delegates ballot.

And, in the poll internals we have this:

  1. Republican statewide candidates lead in all areas of the state now, including Northern Virginia where McDonnell leads Deeds 50-49%, Bolling leads Wagner 49-47%, and Cuccinelli leads Shannon 50-48%
  2. Only 83% of the respondents who say they voted for Obama last year are voting for Deeds this year. McDonnell garners 90% of the McCain voters.
  3. Despite the thesis controversy, McDonnell leads Deeds 51-47% among women
  4. The African American vote, while still largely Democratic is not completely united. McDonnell get 18% support, Bolling gets 23% support, and Cuccinelli gets 22% support.

This is looking like a GOP blow-out across the board.

One Response to “PPP: Virginia Republicans Headed For Sweep”

  1. Snapped Shot says:

    Deeds Does the Democrat Dosey-Do…

    Coming in this Monday, I see that Bob McDonnell and the rest of the Republican slate is way ahead in the polls. So much so that the Democratic party seems intent on skipping out completely on the Hampton Roads area—which is never a good sign for them…

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