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Pat Robertson: We Should Treat Muslims The Way We Treated The Communist Party

by @ 12:49 pm on November 10, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Islam, Politics, Religion

Imam Robertson is at it again:

On his 700 Club TV show yesterday, Pat Robertson claimed that Islam is “not a religion,” but “a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world and world domination”


ROBERTSON: That is the ultimate aim. And they talk about infidels and all this, but the truth is that’s what the game is. So you are dealing with not a religion. You’re dealing with a political system. And I think we should treat it as such and treat its adherences as such as we would members of the Communist Party or members of some fascist group. Well, it’s a tragedy. Our hearts go out to the families who suffered. But those in the Army should be held on account for the fact they let this man loose.

This is all pretty ironic coming from a man who once called for the assassination of a foreign leader, predicted vengeance from the heavens for a Pennsylvania town that voted out pro-creationist school board members,said that Ariel Sharon’s stroke was a punishment from God for making peace with the Palestinians,and makes wacky prediction after wacky prediction while calling it “prophecy.”

15 Responses to “Pat Robertson: We Should Treat Muslims The Way We Treated The Communist Party”

  1. Treating members of the Muslim religion, just like we used to treat self-professed Communists is…

    Exactly right!

    Congrats to Old Pat Robertson. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day (at least the analog clocks).

    It is a fact that the Muslim faith is also a political movement. Even “moderate” adherents will tell you that a key difference between the Muslim faith and Christianity is that Muslims see no separation between their faith and their governing structures.

    The Commies were sworn to work for the downfall of capitalism, and the Muslims, at least the more radical members, are sworn to kill or convert non-Muslims.

  2. James Young says:

    There is merit to the notion that Islam is as much a political system as a religion. The same might have been said of pre-Reformation Christianity (there’s even a book on the topic, entitled “Luther’s Dangerous Idea”). And of course, Islam has never had a reformation.

  3. Vast Variety says:

    Islam is no more political than Christianity is today.

  4. James Young says:

    You’re certainly right, VV. I am sick to death of those who justify the unconstitutional Liberal welfare state based upon their personal religious beliefs.

  5. And I am sick and tired of those who justify the intrusive bedroom-peeking Nanny State based on their religious beliefs

  6. Arandur says:

    I think we should treat them worse, and communist should be treated better.

  7. James Young says:

    Gee, Doug: I’m confused by your statement. Knowing of some of your comments, I suspect you’re confusing opposition to government validation of [some, for now] perverse sexual relationships with “the intrusive bedroom-peeking Nanny State.” Then again, I know of no one who suggests repeal of the Fourth Amendment, so your description — if applicable — is simply misleading hyperbole. Perhaps you should stop believing the talking points from the so-called “Human Rights” Campaign.

  8. No.

    Islam is, not like Christianity, pre-reform or otherwise, with regard to the way its adherents see their government structure.

    In Islam, the government is supposed to carry out its duties in accordance with the Koran. To the devout believers, there is no concept of “separation of church and state” nor do the devout Muslims believe that government is a separate force in their lives. It is all part of Islam to them.

    Of course, there are some Muslims who are more educated than the norm, who see the manipulation that is done in the name of Islam. However, there is no comparison to the rather vague influence of various religious factions here, to the Muslims’ view that their leaders and the Koran are all part of the authority bestowed by Allah onto their heads.

    This is not a Christian -v- Muslim position, it is just a fact that the Muslim faith is based on forced obedience, where killing the non-believer is accepted and there is no sense of government power as being separate from the authority of the Koran; it is all Islam to them.

    I have had more harm done to me by so-called Christians than I have had done by Muslims (so far) but that doesn’t mean that I will turn a blind eye to murders being committed in the name of Allah here and abroad.

    Even by the tenets of the Koran, Maj. Hasan should be executed and his soul will then go to Hell. I do not support the death penalty (state sponsored murder). I think it would be a good lesson to the believers of Islam to see that Western cultures can show mercy.

  9. Vast Variety says:

    Perverse by whose standards James? Yours? Your Bible? What makes your standards more valid than mine?

  10. Vast Variety says:

    The Muslim faith is about total submission to God. It is not about forced obedience. The Qur’an also teaches that all followers of God, even non-Muslim, are to be respected and treated equally in peace. The Qur’an is a continuation of the teachings in the Torah and the Gospels. Abraham, Moses, and Jesus are all prophets right along side Mohammad.

  11. James Young says:

    Oh, let’s see, VV: uh, every civilized society in the last 5000 years? Yeah, that’s it. Oh, and excepting those fashionable governments recently validating perversion.

  12. Vast Variety says:

    Ever open a history book?

    The Roman Empire, the Greeks, the Chinese, as well as many others have had legally recognized forms of same-sex marriage.

    For example Nero married a man named Sporus and they openly lived together as spouses.

    Same-sex marriages were legal and commonplace throughout the Roman Empire until Christian Emperor Constantius II outlawed them in the Theodosian Code in 342 AD and ordered that anyone in such a marriage was to be executed.

    During the French Revolution all of the laws banning homosexuality were abolished and were not put back into place until the end of World War II.

    So James, your history on same sex marriage appears to be a tad faulty.

  13. Vast Variety says:

    There is also significant evidence of same sex marriage contracts throughout much of Midevil Europe.

  14. chsw says:

    Did the WaPo pressure Creigh Deeds to disavow anything dumb that any of his supporters might have said? I don’t think so. Did they pressure Deeds to reject any endorsements from CAIR, for example, or any of their pronouncements? I don’t think so. McDonnell should just point out the difference in treatment and walk away.

    BTW, Robertson may be correct in that Islam considers jihad a duty of all believers.

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