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McCain Staffers Begin To Unload On Sarah Palin

by @ 11:17 am on November 14, 2009. Filed under 2008 Election, Elections, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Sarah Palin

Let the war between the McCain and Palin camps begin anew:

Top aides to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign hit back at Sarah Palin Friday, after news reports revealed that the former vice presidential nominee’s soon-to-be-released book extensively criticizes the campaign’s press strategy – with many of its hardest shots aimed squarely at campaign manager Steve Schmidt.

Schmidt, she writes, was “grim-faced” and “cool,” and tried to pin the campaign’s troubles on what he claimed was Palin’s post-partum depression, and even went to so far as to try and dictate her diet.


Former McCain strategist John Weaver slammed Palin for using the book for “petty and pathetic” score-settling.

“Sarah Palin reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in the movie ‘Harvey,’ complete with imaginary conversations. All books like these are revisionist and self-serving, by definition,” Weaver wrote in an email to POLITICO. “But the score-settling by someone who wants to be considered a serious national player is petty and pathetic.”

“The problem wasn’t who her interview was with, the problem was her interview,” he added. “Couric asked no trick questions. This just seems to be an attempt to obscure as bad a performance since Roger Mudd asked Ted Kennedy that simple question.”

But don’t take their word for it, judge for yourself:

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2 Responses to “McCain Staffers Begin To Unload On Sarah Palin”

  1. James Young says:

    And they’re authorities because they did such a bang-up job getting their guy elected President.

    Oh, wait: McCAIN LOST!!!!!

  2. tj says:

    I almost want to read that book. Palin has a chance to grow into the shoes the public wants her to fill. I dislike McCain and his people so much, this is good to see. Wonder if she talks about that great move to suspend his candidacy to make sure the TARP bailout was passed. Now that is was quite the move looking back.

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