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Now The Christianist Wingnutters Are Praying For Obama’s Death

No, they really are, and they even have a biblical basis for it:

Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

This “prayer” is nothing more than a request asking God to smite an enemy, kill him and destroy his family line. Thus is the visceral hatred that certain segments of America have for the President of the United States on full display for all to see.

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8 Responses to “Now The Christianist Wingnutters Are Praying For Obama’s Death”

  1. Daniel R Bogdan says:

    Don’t jump to any conclusions. I’m all for the fewer days he’s in office, the better, but I’m absolutely NOT advocating, wishing or hoping that anything happens to him physically. There should be enough dirt on him – once properly examined and exposed – to warrant impeachment or a possible nullification and/or voiding of his office to proceed. I’m by NO MEANS a Christian Wingnut. The former is provable, the latter is debatable! But come on! Where were you when “Bush = Hitler” etc. was au courant? Movies were made. Political action careers were launched. Code Pink had its soapbox. So why cringe or criticize when you hear a biblical reference?

  2. Chris Berez says:


    You have to be kidding. Doug has been nothing but equal in his attack on both sides. Further more, you say “I’m all for the fewer days he’s in office, the better”. Yet, Obama is literally doing nothing different than what Bush II did. The GOP would be doing the exact same thing if they had gotten the office again. The fact that you ask “why cringe or criticize when you hear a biblical reference?” is precisely the reason the GOP is dying– and rightfully so. This emphasis on pandering to a theocratic base is exactly what alienates people.

    And incidentally, the Right said that anyone that criticized Bush hated America and sided with the terrorists. So why is it that the right can suddenly turn around and pray and wish with all their might for the death of the President? It’s hypocrisy on a massive level.

    And incidentally, while I’m an atheist myself, I’m pretty sure that praying for the death of someone else is something that 100% of my Christian friends would say is 100% un-Christian.

  3. Grendel72 says:

    why cringe or criticize when you hear a biblical reference?

    Maybe because it is a reference to praying for the death of a political enemy? What about that is hard to understand? It’s fucking vile for anyone to treat their God as a supernatural hitman.

  4. James Young says:

    This is as despicable as all of the far Left BS about Bush 43.

  5. len wenzlick says:

    A few words taken out of context does not make a biblical basis to justify thier so called death prayer! period. Without book and verse reference points just about any phrase can be twisted to mean something else. think about it! At best it shows ignorance or deciept on the party who uses the phrase you mentioned in your short article. What was it? oh, “Christianist Wingnutters?” Evedently someone is playing judge besides God the ultimate judge. hmm…

  6. Rock says:

    I suspect that by the time His Royal Highassness, B. H. Obama, actually leaves office, leftist and atheist alike will all be praying to their non-deity of choice for a timely departure.

  7. serr8d says:

    Hey, he doesn’t mean he wants Obama dead. Just impeached or something. For any of a number of things. Bowing inappropriately (twice). Lying about his authorship of Dreams. Killing the economy. Embracing socialism. Accepting the Nobel Prize. ;)

    Whoever’s jumping to the conclusion that this posting is a threat or inappropriate should recall the 8 years of Bush Hate and America Hate the Left gave us.

    To call for Obama’s eventual impeachment is not out of line.

  8. In the context of the quoted Psalm, he is clearly talking about more than impeachment

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