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McCain Campaign Manager: “Going Rogue” Is “Total Fiction”

by @ 9:23 am on November 15, 2009. Filed under 2008 Election, Books, John McCain, Politicos & Pundits, Politics, Sarah Palin

Steve Schmidt is the latest former McCain/Palin staffer to respond to the allegations in Sarah Palin’s new book:

WASHINGTON (CNN) – John McCain’s former presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt is the latest McCain adviser to cry foul over accusations Sarah Palin has penned in her yet to be released memoir “Going Rogue.”

Excerpts obtained by The Huffington Post characterize Schmidt in an unfavorable light, particularly in reference to the prank phone call Palin received from someone pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy. “Right away, the phones started ringing,” Palin writes. “One of the first calls was Schmidt, and the force of his screaming blew my hair back. ‘How can anyone be so stupid?! Why would the president of France call a vice presidential candidate a few days out?!'”

In a telephone conversation with CNN’s John King, Schmidt said how he is described and portrayed in the book is “fanciful. [And] total fiction.”

In the excerpts, Palin also claims Schmidt tried to put her on a strict eating regimen, and in a conversation with Randy Scheunemann, a McCain foreign policy adviser, he had blamed the campaigns problems on Palin’s “postpartum depression.”

Sit back and get some popcorn folks, this little night of the long knives is going to be very fun to watch.

One Response to “McCain Campaign Manager: “Going Rogue” Is “Total Fiction””

  1. Sk May says:

    What else would anyone expect from this political hack. He managed to run a floundering campaign into the ground along with John’s “trusted” advisers. They were steamrolled and they knew it but the travesty is that they had no clue how to counter attack. Rather than fall back and regroup they made Sarah the sacrificial lamb. Their treatment of her will come back to bite them right where it rightfully should.

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