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Fred Thompson Says The Afghan War Has Been Lost

Some provocative words from the former Senator from Tennessee:

Former Sen. Fred Thompson today intensified his party’s criticism of President Obama’s long deliberation over policy in Afghanistan, announcing that Obama’s delay signals that “the war has been lost” and that nothing the president now does will “make any difference.”

“It really doesn’t matter how President Obama divides the Afghan baby, how he splits the difference between McChrystal and Biden. Because the war has been lost,” Thompson said on his radio show today. “I say this because of one sad and simple fact. The president does not have the will and determination to do what’s necessary to win it. His heart’s not in it, and never has been. The Taliban knows it. Al Qaeda knows it. Our allies know it. And the American people know it.

“Our enemies are now emboldened and our friends are discouraged. We cannot prevail if the American people are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary for an extended effort. The case has not been made to them to justify this effort. The case can only be made by the president. This president is unable or unwilling to make that case,” Thompson said.


“Take your time, Mr. President,” Thompson said. Unless you have a total change of heart and mind, it really doesn’t make any difference.”


Is this the beginning of a conservative anti-war movement, or just the opening shot in the inevitable war over “who lost Afghanistan” ?

2 Responses to “Fred Thompson Says The Afghan War Has Been Lost”

  1. Scandia says:

    Thompson seems to have forgotten, that pres. Bush decided to leave Afghanistan, didn’t have the will to keep up the war against the terrorists, in favor of chasing Saddam which got us involved in an extended war with Iraq.

  2. tfr says:

    He does get this right:

    >We cannot prevail if the American people are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary for an extended effort.

    Because Pakistan exists and is on Afghanistan’s border, we are there for a long time. Think Western Europe after WWII, South Korea after the Korean war. If we leave, we’ll have to go back. Sucks, but there it is.

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