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How To Fix Health Care

by @ 6:47 pm on December 2, 2009. Filed under Economics, Health Care Reform, Politics


2 Responses to “How To Fix Health Care”

  1. While some of the commentary relating to better competition amongst insurers makes sense, the comments about not covering preexisting conditions is incredibly selfish and simplistic as if every condition that we can develop is something that we have control over. It says simply that those who have a preexisting condition should wallow in debt for life. It also says that if you get sick, you are stuck with that insurer until they drop you because no one else will take you.

    Using Lasik as a model is also completely simplistic. Lasik works well because of a few very important criteria:
    1) It is a voluntary procedure so patients can shop around until they find what they need. Many patients like those with cancer don’t have time on their side to wait for a good deal… That said it can work for a subset of routine procedures.

    2) It is a one time purchase. In contrast, those with chronic disease have recurrent costs for life. They cannot choose to stop getting the medication or defer therapy to save money. They don’t have the same control as those in any other market.

    3) It is a procedure with a limited set of variables and complexities. Being diagnosed with a condition or having a tumor removed on the other hand involves exploration, treatment, follow up repeated potentially several times. The costs are not fixed and easily quantified.

    All in all, it is a very one-sided video that glosses over any moral responsibility that we might take in designing a system that ensures protections for those who, through no fault of their own, are ill or become ill.

  2. Very similar to the Tidewater Libertarian Party alternative, though we go much further into opening the tax exempt funding of Health Savings accounts.

    But the goal of the current administration is not to solve the problem of health care costs, but to use the problem to grow government.

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