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Washington Times Runs Birther Ad

by @ 4:49 pm on December 2, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

From Monday’s editions of the Washington Times

This latest national edition of the Washington Times features a full-page ad that claims that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. The ad was purchased by the anti-Obama website While the group has placed several birther ads in the Washington Times in recent months, the version that ran this morning contains far more inflammatory imagery — three monkeys, apparently intended to represent the U.S. Congress, courts, and the media:


Here’s the full add:

Obama’s Lack of Constitutional Eligibility-The 3 Enablers-20091130 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly-pg 9

One Response to “Washington Times Runs Birther Ad”

  1. John Burke says:

    You have to admit that it’s a pretty good ad. Of course, the answer here is that it’s irrelevant what citizenship Obama’s father held just as it’s irrelevant that one of the millions of current aliens resident in the US is not a citizen but can have a child here who is. And British law conferring citizenship on the offspring of British subjects in former colonies doesn’t come into the matter at all (unless Obama had for some reason sought to claim British citizenship). As the offspring of a woman born in what is now Eire, I can apply for Irish citizenship if I feel like it. (And since my mother was a British subject when she sailed for America, I might even be able to claim british citizenship!) But I was born here. End of story.

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