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Majority Favors Starting From Scratch On Health Care Reform

by @ 1:10 pm on January 22, 2010. Filed under Barack Obama, Health Care Reform, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

A new Gallup Poll reports that a majority of Americans believe Congress should abandon all of the current health care reform plans under consideration and start from scratch:

PRINCETON, NJ — In the wake of Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Tuesday’s U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts, the majority of Americans (55%) favor Congress’ putting the brakes on its current healthcare reform efforts and considering alternatives that can obtain more Republican support. Four in 10 Americans (39%) would rather have House and Senate Democrats continue to try to pass the bill currently being negotiated in conference committee.

The USA Today/Gallup poll was conducted Jan. 20 to gauge initial reaction from Americans to Brown’s victory in the special election to fill the remainder of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s term. Massachusetts voters elected a Republican to the Senate for the first time since 1972. Americans widely agree that the election result has national political implications — 72% say it reflects many Americans’ frustrations, which the president and members of Congress should pay attention to, while 18% believe it is a reflection of political conditions in Massachusetts.


The public’s desire to slow down the Democrats’ healthcare reform efforts also appears to reflect doubts about whether the issue deserves the attention political leaders in Washington have given it over the past several months. A minority of 32% of Americans say President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress are right to make healthcare reform their top priority at this time. In contrast, 46% acknowledge health reform as an important goal but believe other problems should be addressed first, and an additional 19% reject the idea that healthcare should be a major legislative priority.

That, combined with the fact that opposition to the plans before Congress continues to climb, would suggest pretty strongly that it would be politically stupid for Democrats to proceed forward at this point.

Which is exactly why I expect them to do it anyway.

4 Responses to “Majority Favors Starting From Scratch On Health Care Reform”

  1. I think after her caucus meeting Wednesday Nancy Pelosi figured out that the issue is dead for now. The only way to get anything to Obama’s desk before the SotU is to pass the Senate bill, and the House Democrats told her no.

    The second issue she has is the Mass. election may actually be the thing that gets the Blue Dogs attention as a group, so she’s going to have to come up with a better bill than last time to get them on board.

    I know it won’t happen, but they could go back to Obama’s plan from the campaign, and get the leadership from both parties together and come up with something everyone could live with.

  2. [...] Health Care Reform: start from scratch…Brown: the beginning of the end? According to a recent Gallup Poll, 55 percent of Americans believe that Democrats should apply the brakes on the current health care bill and look to other alternatives in an attempt to gain more support from the right. In addition to health care, the poll was trying to gauge the general consensus of how people felt about Brown’s victory this past week in the special election to occupy former Sen. Kennedy’s seat. This is the first time since 1972 that voters in MA elected a Republican to the Senate. According to the poll, 72 percent say this was a result of American’s frustrations regarding healthcare reform and 18 percent say it’s the political conditions of Massachusetts. [...]

  3. I really still cannot believe the Dems have put up with Pelosi for as long as they have. If they knew what was best for them they would jettison her as Speaker ASAP. But I just don’t see that happening – she is a woman after all, and getting rid of her would be sexist for sure.

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