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Tea Party Candidate For Texas Governor Is A Birther And A 9/11 Truther

Yesterday on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Debra Medina, who is the Tea Party endorsed candidate for Texas Governor put her foot firmly into her mouth when she appeared to lend credence to 9/11 conspiracy theories:

Listen to the audio and you’ll clearly hear Beck ask Medina do you believe that the government was involved in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11? Medina’s answer was “I think some very good questions raised have been raised in that regard.”

Late yesterday, Medina issued a statement claiming that she was merely standing up for the right of people to question their government:

I was asked a question on the Glenn Beck show today regarding my thoughts on the so-called 9/11 truth movement. I have never been involved with the 9/11 truth movement, and there is no doubt in my mind that Muslim terrorists flew planes into those buildings on 9/11. I have not seen any evidence nor have I ever believed that our government was involved or directed those individuals in any way. No one can deny that the events on 9/11 were a tragedy for all Americans and especially those families who lost loved ones.

The question surprised me because it’s not relevant to this race or the issues facing Texans. This campaign has always been about private property rights and state sovereignty. It is focused on the issues facing Texans. It is not a vehicle for the 9-11 truth movement or any other group.

The real underlying question here, though, is whether or not people have the right to question our government. I think the fact that people are even asking questions on this level gets to the incredible distrust career politicians have fostered by so clearly taking their direction from special interests instead of the people, whether it’s Rick Perry and his HPV mandate or Kay Hutchison and voting for the bank bailout. It is absolutely the right and duty of a free people to question their government. Texas does not need another politician who tells you what you want to hear, then violates your liberties and steals your property anyway. I fully expect to be questioned and to be held accountable as Governor, and that’s the underlying issue here: should people be questioning their government. And the answer is yes, they should be.

But then there’s this clip from later in the day:

“The 9/11 Commission report, you know, great sections of that are redacted and they’re top secret,” Medina said. “That makes us all wonder,’ well what’s happening back there?’ The same is true with the birth certificate thing. I think it’s healthy that people are asking questions.”

Hopefully, this will doom her campaign.

3 Responses to “Tea Party Candidate For Texas Governor Is A Birther And A 9/11 Truther”

  1. Tom says:

    Well, she is partially right that we should question our government and that it is a healthy thing to do. Questioning whether planes flew into the buildings on 9/11 – not a good question. Questioning why/how ISI Chief Ahmad could transfer funds to known terrorist Mohammed Atta while the ISI chief was visiting the states – good question! Why this fact was hidden from the public in the U.S., but not abroad – another good question!

    So, I guess that it depends on the kind of truth you are searching for and the kinds of questions you are asking. I personally have not heard enough from her to know what kinds of questions she is asking. Heck, even Kean and Hamilton said the commission was designed to fail. Nothing wrong with answering some of the remaining questions.

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  3. Isaac Bickerstaff says:

    >Doug So you disagree that any questions should be asked? I mean, she’ll suck as a politician and should be positioned someplace far from the governor’s office, yeah, but about what exactly is she putting her “foot in her mouth”?Think we should run after her with pitchforks lit afire while we shout, “heretic!”?

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