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WaPo Poll: 75% Of Americans Support Allowing Gays To Serve Openly In Military

by @ 11:15 am on February 12, 2010. Filed under In The News, Individual Liberty

Further evidence that it’s time for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to go:

Three-quarters of Americans say that they support openly gay people serving in the U.S. military, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, a finding that could lend momentum to the Obama administration’s effort to dismantle the policy known as “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

The level of public support for allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly far outpaces that in the spring of 1993, when Congress and the Clinton administration established the policy.


The percentage of Americans who say they support gays openly serving is the same as a Post-ABC News poll found in July 2008; both are far above the 44 percent who said so in May 1993. In the new poll, majorities across party lines favor such a policy, with support among Democrats (82 percent) and independents (77 percent) higher than among Republicans (64 percent).

It’s time to change things, folks.

2 Responses to “WaPo Poll: 75% Of Americans Support Allowing Gays To Serve Openly In Military”

  1. James Young says:

    To quote something I once heard Senator Jesse Helms say about the media, “Ah think it’d be sportin’ to send them in fuhst!”

  2. Thomas Jackson says:

    Indeed let us man the military solely with gays. That would terrorize our enemies. One wonders how many of those who advocate such a policy have actually served.

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