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Quote Of The Day

by @ 4:28 pm on February 22, 2010. Filed under Political Parties, Politics, Quote Of The Day, Republicans

“The very idea that a political party dominated by neocons, warmongers, surveillance fetishists, and privacy-hating social conservatives will be a party of “limited government” is absurd on its face.”

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2 Responses to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Great quote!

    Americans would be stupid to let the torturers back into the White House.

    The problem we have now is that, although millions of us supported Obama, with the expectation that his administration would promptly act to restore our liberty, Obama’s team has been slow in rolling back the usurpation of our freedoms made by the Bush regime.

    So far, we have seen an audit of the “enemies list” at the DOJ (DOJ Audit 9-25 May 2009) and lip service about ending the undeclared wars and closing GITMO.

    What choice will freedom loving Americans have in the 2012 election, now that we know that “Hope” is not a successful strategy.

  2. Whatever the problems with the GOP may be, the Democrats are inextricably tied to leftist, collectivist, confiscatory anti-liberty policies that preclude them ever being permitted the stewardship of the United States of America.

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