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Ken Cuccinelli: Birther Apologist Or Just Dumb ?

Not Larry Sabato is out with an audio clip of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s response to a question from a birther that was apparently made during the campaign:

Q What can we do about Obama and the birth certificate thing?

Cooch: It will get tested in my view when someone… when he signs a law, and someone is convicted of violating it and one of their defenses will be it is not a law because someone qualified to be President didn’t sign it.

Q: Is that something you can do as Attorney General? Can you do that or something?

Cooch: Well only if there is a conflict where we are suing the federal government for a law they’ve passed. So it’s possible.

Q: Because we are talking about the possibility that he was not born in America.

Cooch: Right. But at the same time under Rule 11, Federal Rule 11, we gotta have proof of it.

Q: How can we get proof?

Cooch: Well… that’s a good question. Not one I’ve thought a lot about because it hasn’t been part of my campaign. Someone is going to have to come forward with nailed down testimony that he was born in place B, wherever that is. You know, the speculation is Kenya. And that doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility.

Seriously Ken ?

Update: Simon Owens interviews Not Larry Sabato’s Ben Tribbett about the audio and it’s implications for Cuccinelli.

5 Responses to “Ken Cuccinelli: Birther Apologist Or Just Dumb ?”

  1. James Young says:

    Wow. What answer should he have given?

    I guess you don’t litigate much, Doug? I’d certainly be interested in seeing how YOU answer hypothetical questions.

  2. James,

    He should’ve have told the loon questioning him that there is no legal or factual basis for the question and walked away.

    Instead, he panders to the tin foil hat crowd.

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