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Massachusetts Is The Dying Canary In The Health Care Reform Coalmine

Before Congress rushes forward to pass ObamaCare, they ought to listen to what happened in Massachusetts:

BOSTON – The Massachusetts treasurer said Tuesday that Congress will “threaten to wipe out the American economy within four years” if it adopts a health-care overhaul modeled after the Bay State’s.

Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill – a former Democrat running as an independent for governor – said the local plan enacted in 2006 has succeeded only because of huge subsidies and favorable regulatory changes from the federal government.

“Who, exactly, is going to bail out the federal government if this plan goes national?” he asked.


Cahill said the law is being sustained only with the help of federal aid, which he suggested that the Obama administration is funneling to Massachusetts to help the president make the case for a similar plan in Congress.

“The real problem is the sucking sound of money that has been going in to pay for this health care reform,” Cahill said. “And I would argue that we’re being propped up so that the federal government and the Obama administration can drive it through” Congress.

Commonwealth Connector, the independent state agency established to help residents find the health insurance, has “totally failed,” to create competition and connect people with affordable insurance, Cahill said, pointing out that 68 percent of the residents it serves receive subsidized care.

“We haven’t done anything about driving down costs,” Cahill said. “We haven’t helped small business. We haven’t changed the way we pay for health care and the way we deliver it.”


The Obama administration is asking the House and Senate to approve a national plan that includes a similar “individual mandate,” as well as an entity designed to match buyers with private health insurance plans.

Cahill said the Massachusetts equivalent, the Connector, had assisted only 5 percent of those who bought private insurance without any type of government assistance.

And he said that while the Massachusetts program has increased access to health insurance, it has nothing to rein in underlying cost increases, meaning it is steering more people to a broken system.

“If President (Barack) Obama and the Democrats repeat the mistake of the health insurance reform adopted here in Massachusetts on a national level, they will threaten to wipe out the American economy within four years,” the treasurer said.

Over at The Hill, Aaron Blake seems to think that Cahill’s comments will have an influence on the fate of ObamaCare:

This doesn’t bode well for the Democrats’ health care bill.

One can only hope

H/T: Power Line

One Response to “Massachusetts Is The Dying Canary In The Health Care Reform Coalmine”

  1. tfr says:

    So not only is this guy running against ObamaCare, he is promising to repeal several recent Massachusetts tax increases – such as the bump of the sales tax from 5% to 6.5% which was enacted to support RomneyCare.

    A former MASSACHUSETTS DEMOCRAT. This is unprecedented.

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