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The Evidence Is Clear; The American People Did Not Want ObamaCare

In addition to the CNN poll I wrote about yesterday, there is now a CBS News poll showing that the public is, at best, sharply divided over the bill that passed the House Sunday night:

Before the House vote Sunday, nearly half of Americans, including eight in ten Republicans, said they disapproved of the health care bill. One in three “strongly disapproved.”

Thirty-seven percent, meanwhile, offered their approval — including one in four who “strongly approved.”

Like I said, this may be the first time in American history that such an unpopular piece of major legislation was made law.

2 Responses to “The Evidence Is Clear; The American People Did Not Want ObamaCare”

  1. MMonides says:

    Actually, if you poll individual parts of HCR instead of the package that GOP/FOX propaganda has inveigled people to believe is “socialism” and “death panels”, it gets plenty of support.

    Nice try with the spin there though, amateurish though it, and this website, are.

  2. ej says:


    when you poll individual aspects it leaves out the cost/ benfit. Of course people like the subsidies whent hat si asked in of itself. If i asked a poll question “so you want a new car?” i’m pretty sure youd get 80 percent say yes. But if you asked “do you want a new car that will cost you 25,000 dollars?” the number slides.

    Thats whay you ask about it comprehensively. You are pretty delusional if you think reporting the headline number of popularity is spin. We’ll see how many seats get lost this novemeber and then you can spin their loss as really being a show of public support for their polices.

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