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Another Beneficiary Of ObamaCare ? India

They’re pretty pleased about the passage of the health care reform package over in New Dehli:

NEW DELHI — While the contentious political battle over the new health-care law continues in the United States, here in India, the outsourcing industry is seeing it as a boon for business and is salivating over its prospects.

Indian companies are working with American insurers handling back office operations, including claims processing, supply management and transcription services. The extension of health care to 32 million additional Americans over the next decade will mean the need for those services will grow, executives here said.

“The health-care reform bill is a very, very big opportunity for us,” said Ananda Mukerji, managing director of Firstsource Solutions. He said about 40 percent of the company’s business comes dozens of American hospitals and insurance companies. “A big part of what we do for the American companies is eligibility assessment services, where we assess eligibility of a patient for the Medicare program. We also work with hospitals to submit claims and enroll new patients. With the new bill, all this work will increase.”

The new law requires some insurance companies to devote more of the premiums they receive to direct health care and away from administrative costs.

“The health-care . . . law will create a huge pressure on American insurance companies to cut costs,” said Rana Mehta, vice president of health care at Technopak, an independent consultancy firm in Gurgaon. “Ultimately it is a business decision to outsource. All this new work has to go somewhere, and India will gain.”

I’ve got nothing against outsourcing, I’m a free trader after all, but it really seems like everyone is benefiting from this health care bill.

Everyone except the American people, that is.

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