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April Fools Post Mortem Or, The New York Times Gets Punked

by @ 8:01 am on April 2, 2010. Filed under Blogging

Remember the post from yesterday about the White House hiring a medical malpractice lawyer as official “law blogger” ?

Yea, that was a massive blogosphere-wide April Fools Conspiracy. And I was part of it.

Eric Turkewitz tells the whole story, including how, for at least a few hours, we managed to fool The New York Times.

Now that’s it’s April 2nd, you can believe everything I say.


4 Responses to “April Fools Post Mortem Or, The New York Times Gets Punked”

  1. Rob Miles says:

    Wow. No offense, but I pegged that as a prank immediately. True, I was already pretty skeptical of any “news” yesterday, but that “news” didn’t ring true at all.

  2. Well Rob, that’s because you’re obviously more intelligent than the average newspaper reporter.

  3. Rob Miles says:

    Or at least the average New York Times reporter, I suppose. I know being told I’m smarter than a reporter isn’t saying much, but I’m still framing that compliment, Doug. ;-)

  4. Ken says:

    The fun part is that some people after reading Turkewitz’ summary, still don’t get it and are accusing the other participant blogs of having fallen for it.

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