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Instead Of Telling The Truth, Vatican Blames The Messenger

by @ 6:45 am on April 2, 2010. Filed under Catholic Church, Religion

The Vatican has decided that the best way to deal with decades of abuse and coverup is to attack The New York Times:

Rome, Italy (CNN) — A top Vatican official has harshly criticized The New York Times’ coverage of the Catholic sexual abuse crisis in a lengthy article posted on the Vatican Web site.

Cardinal William Levada, an American who heads the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said the newspaper “lacks fairness” and that it accuses the pope of “leniency and inaction” in dealing with abuse cases.

“I ask the Times to reconsider its attack mode about Pope Benedict XVI and give the world a more balanced view of a leader it can and should count on,” Levada wrote in the article, dated March 26 but posted online Wednesday.


[T]he cardinal was particularly angered by a Friday report about the abuse of as many as 200 deaf boys in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by the now-deceased Rev. Lawrence Murphy.

I’ll bet he was, because that’s something that can’t be spun in any way to absolve the parties involved of the guilty they so richly deserve.

Another Catholic official meanwhile, says it’s all Satan’s fault:

Rome, Italy, Mar 31, 2010 / 11:47 am (CNA).- Noted Italian exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, commented this week that the recent defamatory reporting on Pope Benedict XVI, especially by the New York Times, was “prompted by the devil.”

Speaking to News Mediaset in Italy, the 85-year-old exorcist noted that the devil is behind “the recent attacks on Pope Benedict XVI regarding some pedophilia cases.”

“There is no doubt about it. Because he is a marvelous Pope and worthy successor to John Paul II, it is clear that the devil wants to ‘grab hold’ of him.”

Father Amorth added that in instances of sexual abuse committed by some members of the clergy, the devil “uses” priests in order to cast blame upon the entire Church: “The devil wants the death of the Church because she is the mother of all the saints.”

The devil made them do it, huh Father ?

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