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Republican “Office Supplies:” Booze, Lots And Lots Of Booze

by @ 3:30 pm on April 2, 2010. Filed under Political Parties, Politics, Republicans

Yet another revelation from the ongoing examination of Republican National Committee expense reports is the fact that, at the RNC, alcohol is apparently considered a necessary office supply:

At the Republican National Committee, the term “office supplies” seems to have taken on a whole new meaning. If you take its recent filings with the Federal Election Commission at face value, the RNC, it seems, requires thousands of dollars worth of pricey clothing and more than a splash of booze to run its office

Listed on the report in the category of “office supplies” are purchases from a New England winery and a Capitol Hill liquor store, as well as more than $3,800 from a Florida clothing store. The category of “meals” also seems to extend to the sartorial, with a $450 purchase from a high-end Manhattan boutique — one that has no restaurant or take-out shop on the premises — falling into that category, as listed on the RNC’s reports to the FEC. That purchase, as well as one for more than $500 from the Florida clothing store, are attributed to RNC Deputy Finance Director Debbie LeHardy, who, according to the report, was reimbursed for them.

Forget about the clothes, tell me about the liquor:

The RNC told the FEC that it spent $982 of its donors’ money on “office supplies” from the Boyden Valley Winery last December. “We do not sell office supplies; we are a legal winery operating since 1991 in Cambridge, Vermont,” co-owner Linda Boyden told AlterNet.

Between December and February, the RNC bought over $700 worth of so-called “office supplies” from Congressional Liquors, a booze and sandwich shop on Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill.

Swanky hotels, lesbian bondage nightclubs, and liquor.

That, my friends, is apparently the new platform of the Republican Party.

H/T: James Joyner, whose post also inspired the title of this post.

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  1. LowOnProzac says:

    Better a drunk Republican than a sober Democrat.

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