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Conservatives Finally Admit That Terrorism Has Root Causes

by @ 7:08 am on April 5, 2010. Filed under Foreign Affairs, Politics, War On Terror

An interesting point over at The Corner in an analysis of the Chechen situation:

After all, it is impossible to imagine a harsher and more brutal treatment than the one Moscow and its henchmen have been inflicting on the local populace for the past decade. In just one example, Putin’s enforcer in Chechnya is one Ramzan Kadyrov, a semi-literate thug, whose main qualification seems to be his professed wish “to die a 100 times for Putin.” Kadyrov and his private band of cutthroats rule Chechnya like a feudal fiefdom in which kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of suspected opponents are commonplace and in which people who dare expose Kremlin’s puppet are at greater risk than the terrorists themselves, as the recent murders of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, human rights activist Natalia Estemirova, and lawyer Stanislav Markelov testify.

None of this would have been possible without the direct support of the Kremlin, and therein lies the final and most important root cause. It is to be found in the undemocratic and politically oppressive regime, the predatory nexus between the interests of business oligarchs and the Kremlin and the corrupt law enforcement apparatus that is more adept at being a political police than in dealing with terrorists. A root cause many call Vladimir Putin.

But I thought that Islamic terrorists only attacked because they hate the West and want to spread Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world ?

Doug Bandow asks:

Gee, is it just possible that a few Muslims somewhere might feel the same way about America’s wars, Israeli treatment of of Palestinians after decades of occupation, U.S. support for Arab dictators, and the like?

Nothing justifies targeting civilians, but it is imperative that we understand why other folks want to kill Americans. And it isn’t because we are so free at home.

As I’ve noted before:

The history of American foreign policy in the Middle East is a history of backing dictators like the Shah, propping up the Saudi Royal Family while ignoring their numerous and ongoing violations of human rights, and alternatively backing and then opposing Saddam Hussein when it suited our purposes.

Is it any wonder that there are Muslims who hate us ?

One doesn’t have to accept these complaints as legitimate, or correct, but one does need to acknowledge they exist.

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