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British Parliamentary Elections Set For May 6th

by @ 11:22 am on April 6, 2010. Filed under England, Foreign Affairs

It’s election season in the United Kingdom:

Political leaders have headed off on the campaign trail after Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced the UK general election would be held on 6 May.

He said he would seek a “clear” mandate to continue the “road to recovery”, as Labour bids for a fourth term.

David Cameron, whose Conservative Party has been ahead in the polls, said they offered “hope” and a “fresh start”.

Nick Clegg, leader of the UK’s third biggest party the Liberal Democrats, said only they offered “real change”.

Shortly after announcing the date at Downing Street, Mr Brown boarded a train and headed to Kent to meet voters at a supermarket in Rochester, Mr Cameron headed to a hospital in Edgbaston, Birmingham while Mr Clegg is meeting young people in Watford.

All three are leading their parties into a general election for the first time.

It’s been thirteen years since the Tories were in power. It will be interesting to see if Cameron can pull this off.

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