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Michelle Bachmann Sees Tea Party Merging Into GOP

As the 2010 elections approach, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Tea Party movement and the GOP are essentially the same thing:

(CNN) – A prominent conservative lawmaker said Thursday that the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement are in the process of merging.

Appearing on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, rejected any suggestion that the GOP and Tea Partiers are at odds during this midterm election year. Instead Bachmann said the established political party and the growing conservative grassroots movement are unifying under the principle of fiscal conservatism.

“It’s really merging into one single, solitary unit,” Bachmann said.

She added, “A number of Tea Party groups from around the country are coming together, unifying under the umbrella of economic, fiscal conservatism because Americans, quite simply, feel like they’re taxed enough already.”

Here’s the video:

Can’t say that I’m surprised, it’s been apparent for the better part of a year that the Tea Party movement had been co-opted by GOP partisans ranging from Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, to Newt Gingrich, to Sarah Palin, to Michelle Bachmann.

Too bad, really, they might have actually made a difference if only they’d realized that they can’t trust their new favorite politicians any more than they can trust the ones in power now.

2 Responses to “Michelle Bachmann Sees Tea Party Merging Into GOP”

  1. Nick says:

    While I wouldn’t be surprised if this is more or less actually happened, I also don’t take her word as binding in any way, shape or form. After all, she is a member of the GOP, and not any Tea Party. She really isn’t in a position to say that it will happen. She can only wish it will… which leaves her opinions in the matter very self serving.

  2. I wouldn’t take Michelle Bachmann’s word if she told me the sky was blue

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