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Bill Bolling Forms Campaign Committee For 2013 Virginia Governor’s Election

by @ 10:03 am on April 17, 2010. Filed under Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia, Virginia Politics

It’s only been five months since Bob McDonnell was elected Virginia’s 71st Governor, but the jockeying for 2013 has already started:

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling has formed a campaign committee to run for governor in 2013, sources tell us. We confirmed that information with the experts at the Virginia Public Access Project, a non-partisan tracker of money in politics.

Bolling (R) quietly formed Friends of Bill Bolling on March 26, soon after the 60-day legislative session ended. The committee has not had to report what it has raised yet.

For those of you outside Virginia wondering why the Lt. Governor is already working on running for Bob McDonnell’s job, remember that Virginia’s Constitution bars a Governor from serving consecutive terms.

Traditionally, or at least for the last several election cycles, the Lt. Governor has been seen as the heir apparent to the sitting Governor. However, prior to the 2008 election, Bolling announced that would not seek the Governor’s office in 2009, thus allowing then Attorney General Bob McDonnell to run unopposed. Obviously, he doesn’t intend to do that in four years.

The question is what Ken Cuccinelli’s intentions might be, and whether we’ll see a fight for the GOP nomination in three years.

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